What Are School Hours Like Across China?

A Quick Look at The Routine In Chinese Schools

Chinese schools have school hours that will create a more inclusive education system, something that is of utmost importance to them given the high standard present in all their schooling. This framework may differ slightly across levels of education and geographies but there are common patterns and practices that the majority of schools adhere to.

Primary School Hours

In China, primary schools usually start at 8 a. m and ends around 3:00 or4 p.m. The day is split up into class periods, plus a morning and lunch recess. In many Asian countries, a lunch break is followed by nap time wherein students are given rest time to recharge before they go back for afternoon classes. Besides traditional subjects such as Chinese, mathematics and science, students may also receive art music physical education classes.

Schedule of middle and high school

Elementary schools start their day earlier than middle and high school, although the latter two groups usually get out at around 5:00 PM. The course is more rigorous and include elements such as English, History et al Some schools also have self-study periods or 'night classes' lasting until 21:00, particularly in the final years of high school leading up to Gaokao.

Rural/Urban Differences

School hours (urban v/s rural ) Urban schools frequently offer expanded hours and resources, as well as a full range of extracurricular opportunities. On the other hand, rural schools might not go as late because of less staffing available and students are required to help out with family responsibilities at home.

Weekend Schooling

Students travelling to "cram schools", weekend supplementary classes and a variety of special lessons on Saturdays are no rare sight in outstandingly urbanized areas. Here we could see the competitive nature of Chinese education (China in general is a very achievement oriented society and to get an A) this can make or break your future.

Statutory government Regulations on the Hours in which School can Operate

In recent years, the Chinese government has made attempts to decrease students ' studyloads. They work to ensure school and homework hours do not become overbearing, which in turn helps create a healthier learning experience for all students.

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The school hours are long and the curriculum rigorous in order to make students more competitive under China's exam-dominated education system. Simple curriculum can guarantee the depth of students' knowledge, but with lengthy hours and considerable coping pressure, China orders recent educational reforms that want to be less anxious because they drop out.

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